October 2018

Another month come and gone. Seemed really fast! Let's jump right into the update.

There have been some minor issues this month with connecting, but that seems to be resolved now. I don't know the cause; it happened on the other end. In better news, there have been many new joins recently and I think the server is beginning to finally gain some traction. We'll see. Time for our monthly top voters!

First Place: McWaddle, 161 votes
Second Place: foxedwolf278, 155 votes
Third Place: Frayed_, 134 votes
Fourth Place: TheCrowPA, 95 votes
Fifth Place: Perish_Song, 72 votes

As always, these five have been rewarded for voting in such a dedicated manner! Keep it up!

Donations have been rather slow recently, which isn't a problem since this server is not run for the profits. However, I'd like to begin recognizing monthly top donors in these posts in addition to top voters.

Donor: Frayed_ Contribution: $15.00 USD

That's all for now, CatCraft! Keep being awesome and having fun!

New Improvements

The network has undergone a lot of changes recently, so here is a shorthand version of them.

  • New and improved lobby server
  • Crates have been re-implemented across all servers
  • Prison is now fully operational
  • Network-wide friends are now available! Use the command /f to see how to make server friends!
    • You will see friends' join messages even if you're on different servers
    • You can send friends messages across servers, using /msg and /r
    • You can see what server your friends are on, using /f list
  • Rank names have been updated to be more sequential
  • More commands for everyone!
  • Updated top voter rewards to be more substantial

Vop Voters (September)

From now on, I'll send out monthly updates with the top voters of that month. The top voters are supporting the server by spreading publicity for it, so they need to be rewarded for that.

1st Place > McWaddle with 142 votes, rewarded 50 Enjin Points

2nd Place > foxedwolf278 with 130 votes, rewarded 25 Enjin Points

3rd Place > Frayed_ with 109 votes, rewarded 15 Enjin Points.

4th Place > AliasGarbanzo with 39 votes, rewarded 10 Enjin Points

5th Place > CatM0de (me) with 34 votes, "rewarded" 5 Enjin Points

A New Server

[Owner] CatM0de a posted Jun 24, 18

The new server is operational in the new Minecraft Verison 1.13 so you can get all the fun aquatic features. It's also got a higher capacity for players and plugins which means there will be more features coming soon!

You can join the server using

If that IP is an issue, tell me, and I'll give you an alternate one.

End of transmission. CatM0de out.

[Member] Eregryl I have not been able to connect for a while :( I would love to get back in and get back to playing! Melly99
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